Cadbury Creme Egg


Creme Eggs are a delicious, immersive, entertaining eat, that appeal to everyone from 9 year olds to nanas! So how do you create one ad for an audience that’s this diverse? You don’t! Because if you try and talk to everyone you resonate with no-one. So we turned our back on TV ads after 49 years! And stopped interrupting the entertainment, to become the entertainment! Introducing…EATertainment. A brand new streaming service (sorry Netflix) where you can watch epic pieces of original content purposely produced to heighten your Creme Eggsperience. So get ready to eat with your eyes and ears!


The results

As a reach-driven FMCG brand, achieving impressions at scale was crucial. Without TV, our social content needed to do that heavy lifting – we delivered a total of 157.1 million impressions across all social platforms.

EATertainment Girl vs Goo
EATertainment The Gooru
EATertainment Eggs Rated
EATertainment Eat with your Ears
93% reach (with no TV!)
684 hours of content watched
3.5m video views
6.5% increase in sales volume


EATertainment cover