Spring's Our Thing

Spring's Our Thing

Did you know that people feel more optimistic during spring than any other time of year? We're celebrating the positivity of the season in our new campaign for Dobbies Garden Centres, rallying gardeners everywhere to dig deeper, grow greater and relax... relaxier. Live across social, digital, VOD, audio and shopper.

Dobbies - Spring's Our Thing

We know that people feel more optimistic in spring than at any other time of year, with this backed by our recent research, and that many are looking forward to seeing their gardens bouncing back to life. With this campaign, we’re demonstrating how liberating and rejuvenating being in touch with nature can be, and motivating customers to make the most of it. We’re the champions of garden living, and showing people that Dobbies is the place to go for all they need to make the most of their gardens this springtime.

Kirsty Rockey, Head of Brand, Dobbies Garden Centres

This new campaign for Dobbies has allowed us to bring in more colour, positivity and unexpected delights to this optimistic season and showcase how the power of the garden improves and enhances lives, all executed in a fun and humorous way. We’re encouraging gardeners to dig deeper, grow greater and relax…relaxier!

Neale Horrigan, Executive Creative Director, elvis