Goodness, that's steamy!
Birds Eye

Goodness, that's steamy!

We used the language of love to show the nation that lunchtimes don't need to be boring with Birds Eye Steamfresh. To launch the brand's new range, our creative platform went live across TV, radio, out of home and social, as well as in store. Because why would you opt for a limp sandwich when you could have the irresistably quick, satisfyingly nutritious and tantalisingly tasty Birds Eye Steamfresh? Goodness, that's steamy!

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At Birds Eye, the quality and taste of our products is at the heart of everything we do. The launch of our new creative platform for Steamfresh will help us bring some much-needed love to the lunch occasion and help transform perceptions of frozen meals by showcasing their premium quality and nutritional benefits. By reimagining Steamfresh’s tone of voice into something more tongue in cheek, we hope to welcome new fans into the brand and show them that lunchtimes no longer need to be boring.

Jess Ali, Head of Marketing, Birds Eye Brand, Vegetables, Potatoes & Meat Free

To make people fall in love with Steamfresh Meals, we harnessed the language of love and a playful, steamy tone of voice. This approach allowed us to position the brand in an exciting and unique way, distinct from others in the frozen food category, while also highlighting the quality of the products. Irresistibly quick, satisfyingly nutritious and tantalisingly tasty. What's not to love about Steamfresh?

Neale Horrigan, Executive Creative Director, elvis
Birds Eye Steamfresh Goodness That's Steamy