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‘Ecoffectiveness’ is a new effectiveness metric which seeks to measure the greenhouse gas emissions driven by advertising.

With many major brands committing to the key business metric of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero, Purpose Disruptors (the industry network working to tackle climate change), led by Caroline Davison from elvis and Ben Essen from Iris, recognised the need to begin to answer the urgent question of how to increase profitability while reducing emissions to Net Zero.

The Ecoffectiveness methodology consists of three elements:

  • Transparent reporting of the incremental uplift in greenhouse gas emissions driven by advertising – to create a core data set from where improvements can be tracked
  • Establishing an industry standard ‘Return on CO2e’ (the revenue generated for every tonne of CO2 equivalent emitted) - to provide a consistent approach that allows for comparison across sectors and campaigns
  • Building insights by identifying Levers of Ecoffectiveness

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