Better World

Better World

ELVIS is not an agency that has its origins in purpose, social change or environmental causes. We are a London-based creative agency specialising in FMCG brands. But we recognise that traditional business models are no longer fit for purpose, that it is time for change. And we have both a desire and a responsibility to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Whilst we are unable to change our business overnight, we believe that awareness and honesty are key in solving the social and environmental challenges we’re collectively facing. 

As a result we are moving towards best practice in running our own business ethically and sustainably;  we will look to influence our clients to make sustainable and socially just choices whenever we do work for them and create new products and services that help our clients rethink their business for the challenges and opportunities ahead.



ELVIS has made a commitment to work towards B Corp certification. Benefit Corporations (commonly known as ‘B Corps’), are businesses that ‘balance profit with people and planet’. They are for the benefit of all. This means they have to legally consider their environmental and social impact as much as their financial returns, thereby aligning with our belief that traditional business models are no longer fit for purpose and providing us with an alternative framework.

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Following the Extinction Rebellion uprising in 2019, and as part of the initiative, we committed to sharing our climate conflicts in the form of a client disclosure report. The report discloses the industries, topics and controversial sectors within our portfolio of clients. 

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